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Applying to college is a multi-step process that begins as early as the summer prior to your senior year.  This website is organized into the steps that are necessary to apply and submit all necessary documents to colleges for admission.  

Finding the right college

Texas Monthly 2021 College Guide

College Scorecard National College Comparison

College Comparison Worksheet

Virtual Campus Tours

Each MISD student is allowed two absences during their junior year and two excused absences during their senior year to visit college campuses.  To arrange a college visit, go to the school's website and schedule an official tour.  You may also make appointments with the departments in which you wish to study by contacting the departments directly.  These visits are highly encouraged.  Ask for proof of tour from the admissions office and bring to the attendance office when you return to school to excuse your absence.


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Students are encouraged to take college entrance exams beginning in their junior year.  The PSAT is not used for college entrance but can qualify students for scholarships when they take the PSAT in their junior year.  The SAT and ACT are universally accepted college entrance exams for all colleges.  You can take the SAT and ACT as many times as you wish to improve your scores.  Colleges will consider your highest score.  The SAT is given on Saturdays at LCHS and the ACT is on designated Saturdays at MHS.  You must send SAT scores directly to colleges through College Board and ACT scores through  If it the first time to login, you must create a student account.  The TSI is a test used for college placement by most smaller colleges and junior colleges.  The TSI will be administered once per year at MISD campuses for seniors needing to take the TSI for college applications.

Register for the SAT/Access SAT & PSAT Scores

Register for ACT/Access ACT Scores

What is the TSI Test?

SAT & ACT Vocabulary Practice

Khan Academy SAT Prep

High School Resume

Every student should have a resume that lists their activities and accomplishments during their high school years.  This resume is helpful when asking teachers for letters of recommendation.  The resume gives them all the information they need to write a knowledgable letter.  Click here for instructions on how to write a high school resume.  At MISD, you can use Office 365 resume templates in Word, Google Classroom or your Canva student account.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are helpful when applying for both entrance to universities and for scholarships.  It is best to get two or three letters of recommendation from the following:  teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches and/or sponsors.  If you are involved in activities outside school, ask for recommendation letters people that know you outside of school such as job supervisors and youth pastors.  Please use these courteous guidelines when requesting letters of recommendation:

  • recommenders should know you well
  • allow at least two weeks for recommenders to provide the letter
  • write a thank you note to the recommender after you receive the letter

Complete this form to help your recommenders write a letter that speaks about your academic and extra-curricular school activites and the goals you wish to accomplish.  These forms can also be found in the College & Career Center.

Submit your Application

Students must submit college applications by the deadline for that college.  Applications open on August 1st prior to your senior year.  Late submissions are not accepted.  Students do not have to have all their supporting documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, SAT/ACT scores) to submit  but required essays must be completed and submitted with the application.  Once you submit an applicacation to a college (or throughCommon Appor ApplyTexas), the school that you are applying to will reach out to you through the email you used in the application to confirm submission and to help you set up your school applicant portal.  Once this is achieved, the school will make it clear as to your next steps in the application process.  You must check your email and applicant portals 2-3 times per week to insure that you take steps necessary to complete the application process.  The exact process will differ by school.

Most colleges accept applicantss from a universal applications such as Common App or ApplyTexas (Texas colleges only).  Click on the name of the application to see the list of schools that use that application.  Click on the icons below to access each application and get started on yours today! Here is a link to a very thorough guide for the ApplyTexas application process.

Apply Texascommon app
Submit Supporting Documents

Once you have applied to a college, they will begin direct communication with you through the email account that you used in your application.  They are going to want some information from you to complete your application.  Below is a list of items they may request and how to send them to the colleges.


Some colleges want an official transcript.  Click here to send a transcript from Lake Creek and here to send a transcript from Montgomery High School.

SAT & ACT Scores

SAT and ACT scores must be sent through the student's College Board and ACT accounts directly to the higher education insitution.  Click here to send SAT scores and here to send ACT scores.

TSI Scores

Some schools will require TSI test scores if college ready SAT or ACT scores are not on file with the school.  Click here to send your TSIA2 scores to a college.  You will need your Lone Star ID number as your student ID and your testing location will be Lone Star College System.


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