Executive Director of Special Education
Name Location Email
Meredith Burg The Learning Center meredith.burg@misd.org
Special Education Coordinator
Name Location Email
Randi Gay The Learning Center randi.gay@misd.org
Name Location Email
Aleida DeLeon Madeley Ranch Elementary & Stewart Creek Elementary aleida.deleon@misd.org
Becky Beal Montgomery High School rebecca.beal@misd.org
Carol Cheakas Montgomery Junior High carol.cheakas@misd.org
Cintia Guzman Lone Star Elementary & Lincoln Elementary cintia.guzman@misd.org
Jenny Stafford Keenan Elementary & Montgomery Elementary jenny.stafford@misd.org
Kim Bubela Lake Creek High School kimberly.bubela@misd.org
Tara McClendon Oak Hills Junior High tara.mcclendon@misd.org
Licensed Specialists in School Psychology
Name Location Email
Amy Fetters District Wide amy.fetters@misd.org
Kelly Higgins District Wide kelly.higgins@misd.org
Tori Ogletree District Wide tori.ogletree@misd.org
Special Education Counselors
Name Location Email
Karen Herzik District Wide karen.herzik@misd.org
Kerri Gilchriest District Wide kerri.gilchriest@misd.org
Behavior Specialist
Name Location Email
Jesse Hinkle District Wide jesse.hinkle@misd.org
Speech & Language Pathologists/Therapists
Name Location Email
Ashley Hall Keenan Elementary ashley.hall@misd.org
Barbara Hale Lone Star Elementary & Montgomery Junior High barabara.hale@misd.org
Jane Ann Scalf Oak Hills Junior High & Lake Creek High School jane.scalf@misd.org
Kimberly Lagro Madeley Ranch Elementary & Stewart Creek Elementary kimberly.lagro@misd.org
Shelley Hortman Madeley Ranch Elementary, Stewart Creek Elementary, & MHS shelley.hortman@misd.org
Transition Specialist
Name Location Email
Sheila Daniels Montgomery High School & Lake Creek High School sheila.daniels@misd.org
Visual Impairment / Orientation and Mobility
Name Location Email
Cheryl Dillon District Wide cheryl.dillon@misd.org
Emily Diaz District Wide emily.diaz@misd.org
Jennifer Wasily District Wide jennifer.wasily@misd.org
Child Find Contact
Name Location Email
Randi Gay District Wide randi.gay@misd.org