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MISD Police Department


Mission Statement
The mission of the MISD Police Department is to support the District's mission by developing and maintaining a collaborative partnership with schools, parents and the community in helping to educate and produce graduates who are fully enabled to successfully engage as responsible and contributing members of a rapidly changing society.

Our collective goal is to educate students in a safe and orderly environment.  The primary goal of the division is to ensure the safety and welfare of students, parents, staff and faculty, as well as other persons while on District property (leased or owned), or while at other District sponsored events or activities.  Additionally, the division will work to protect and secure District property as well as provide directed enforcement in school zones, traffic control, and general order maintenance in the geographical boundaries of the district. In meeting the mission requirements, the Department will use in-house personnel and equipment where practical, and will assist and request assistance from other public safety agencies as needed.

It is the goal of the Department to respond proactively in all aspects of public safety and security and to minimize disruption and crime. In order to meet these goals, the Department will act within prescribed Texas state laws, ethical, statutory and constitutional restrictions to suppress and prevent criminal activity, to apprehend offenders and to ensure a positive learning environment that is free of crime, violence, or the threat of violence, and to uphold and enforce all applicable laws and regulations without passion or prejudice.

We strive to enhance our tradition of excellent service to all. We continue to seek support and cooperation from the community we serve. Our organizational culture is responsive to new ideas and is one in which all employees are given the opportunity to develop to their highest potential and see themselves as agents of change. We base all our relationships on the premise that the public and law enforcement are all a part creating a safe and secure environment.

Core Values

Providing excellent quality service to the Montgomery Independent School District and our community is our primary duty. We are committed to faithfully and selflessly performing our duties while striving to be responsive, effective, and dependable. We are dedicated to enhancing public safety and reducing the fear and the incidence of crime through VISIBILITY, PROACTIVITY, INNOVATION, and DEVELOPING PARTNERSHIPS.  We will work with stakeholders to solve problems that effect public safety and the quality of life in the District.
Integrity is the standard and a cornerstone of our department and our profession. We are proud of our profession and will conduct ourselves in a manner that merits the respect of all people. We commit ourselves to elevated standards of trust, responsibility, and discipline while promoting justice in a fair and impartial manner. We believe in conducting ourselves ethically and professionally, with the highest degree of honesty and accountability and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards. We value our integrity and commit ourselves to strive for personal and professional excellence. We will endeavor to make the right decisions for the right reasons and to ensure that our actions match our words. In the face of difficulty, we must always choose the harder right over the easier wrong. We recognize that each of us represents not only our Department but also the law enforcement profession and government in general. We acknowledge and accept that our individual conduct, both on and off duty, must be beyond reproach – our conduct is the same, even when no one is watching.  We know we must have the courage to stand up for what we believe is right and to have the courage to admit when we are wrong. We will lead by EXAMPLE and MODEL behaviors important to success.
Professional service is embodied in our commitment to proficiency, competency, reliability, and excellence in all aspects of our conduct and performance. We believe in the social value of our work, considering it to be among the most noble of vocations, deriving personal satisfaction from the effective performance of our duties. We reject complacency and are dedicated to continually pursuing the highest levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Both technical and tactical proficiency will guide our training agenda. We value the diversity of people in our community and will serve all with equal dedication, respect, fairness, and compassion. We proudly pledge to fulfill our mission by being accountable to the District, our Department, our Community, and to each other.







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