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Welcome to the Maintenance Department 


Your Maintenance Team

Joe Kinard, Director of Maintenance

Sandra Pesl, Maintenance Secretary


            Maintenance Staff & Campus Maintenance Staff

 Don Wright-Energy Manager Anthony Allen-Montgomery Elementary
Chris Clark-District Maintenance Mike Baier-Keenan Elementary
Don Gibbs-District Maintenance  -Lincoln Elementary
Ricky Gibbs-District Maintenance  Patrick Robinson-Stewart Creek Elementary
Todd Heaton-District Maintenance  Greg Deveraux-Montgomery Junior High
Paul Henson-District Maintenance  Dennis Hill-Montgomery Junior High 
William Mosier-District Maintenance Jordan Mendoza-Oak Hills Junior High
Elsa Perez-Ochoa-District Mail Courier  Bobby Nickerson-Oak Hills Junior High 
Jesse Alfred-Athletics Mark Burke-Lake Creek High School
Spencer Ferguson-Athletics Jeff McMillen-Lake Creek High School
 Mack Minor-Athletics  Chamond Taylor-Lake Creek High School
Mitchell Philips -Athletics             Theo Reed-Montgomery High School
James Veillon-Madeley Ranch Elementary Carlton White-Montgomery High School
Kris Johnson-Lonestar Elementary Donnie Woods-Montgomery High School
We are dedicated to providing the students and employees of Montgomery ISD a clean, comfortable and safe environment in which to learn and work.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the overall maintenance, operations and service of buildings, grounds and other physical properties belonging to the Montgomery Independent School District. 

Our employees are the key to our department's ability to provide customer focused service in all aspects of facilities management...after all,  Our Standard is Excellence.



Montgomery ISD Asbestos Notice-Montgomery ISD is working hard to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations concerning asbestos. Should you desire to review the asbestos management plan for your child’s school, a copy of the plan is available in the Principal’s office as well as the school’s maintenance office.

If you have any questions, please contact Montgomery ISD Maintenance Department at 936-276-2360.

Pest Control Treatment

Policies DI, CLB

Employees are prohibited from applying any pesticide or herbicide without appropriate training and prior approval of the integrated pest management (IPM) coordinator. Any application of pesticide or herbicide must be done in a manner prescribed by law and the district’s integrated pest management program.

Notices of planned pest control treatment will be posted in a district building 48 hours before the treatment begins. Notices are generally located at the front of the entrance. In addition, individual employees may request in writing to be notified of pesticide applications. An employee that requests individualized notice will be notified by telephone, written or electronic means. Pest control information sheets are available from campus principals or facility managers upon request.

In compliance with Texas House Bill 3693, school districts are now required to post
utilities statements as of September 1, 2007.


Montgomery ISD Maintenance Department, 13763 Liberty Street, Montgomery, TX 77316, Phone 936-276-2360, Fax 936-276-2361