During the opening of our second high school (Lake Creek High School), Montgomery ISD was granted a waiver from UIL in order to establish an initial school population. The decision by district administration was made at that time to allow a one-time intra-district transfer request to attend the secondary school feeder zone of your choice. Students had to declare either the Lake Creek High School feeder zone or the Montgomery High School feeder zone.

Now that Lake Creek High School has been established as a Texas Public High school, Montgomery ISD’s policy for school transfers will revert back to current policy FDB (LOCAL) for In-district transfers and FDA (LOCAL) for out-of-district transfers, EXCEPT for student that made a transfer out of their attendance zone last year. Those students will automatically remain in the zone they currently attend without any UIL impact.

The current FDB (LOCAL) policy states that:


                A student shall be assigned to a school in the attendance zone in which he or she resides.


The application on the following screen lists four reasons why a student can transfer between district schools. Please read the application closely and apply for a transfer only if you meet one of the four board approved reasons for transfer.



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