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Montgomery Moving Forward 2020

Montgomery ISD will safely reopen schools and activities for the 2020-2021 school year on August 13, 2020.  MISD is opening with Remote Learning only from August 13th through September 4th upon advisement from the Montgomery County Public Health District.  The health department will reevaluate and advise on August 25th options for schools to consider.  As of now, on September 8th, families will have a choice between Remote Learning or Traditional, In Person learning.  A selection survey will be sent two weeks prior to the start of the Traditional, In Person learning option.  It is important to MISD that you feel safe when learning and working. MISD pledges to provide our students with high-quality instruction by providing two options for learning.  We will remain committed to your safety and health so that together we may prepare for a successful school year.

Updated September 4, 2020

Beginning September 8th, all students may return to Traditional, In Person learning.  Based on the most recent survey, it is anticipated that 85% of students will return to Traditional, In Person learning.  The remaining 15% will continue to receive Remote Learning. 

Remote Learning and Traditional In-Person Selection

1st 6 weeks:  September 14 - September 21

2nd 6 weeks:  October 26 - November 2

3rd 6 weeks:  December 14 - January 5

4th 6 weeks:  February 8 - February 16

5th 6 weeks:  March 29 - April 5



1st 9 weeks:  September 28 - October 2

2nd 9 weeks:  December 7 - December 11

3rd 9 weeks:  March 1 - March 5

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