Outside Credit Resources

Face-to-Face Sessions

Region 6 Service Center - The Region 6 link will take you to the calendar of events. Some courses are free and some have a course fee.  This list will show you which fee services we are members of:  http://region6tx.apptegy.us/o/region-6-esc/page/fee-service-listing




Eduhero - Free access to interactive, on-demand, professional development courses. These courses include compliance, technology, instruction, and Gifted and Talented (also counts as CPE hours).  Must use your misd.org email to register. Register, check your email to verify your account, log in, and go to the Learning tab!

Microsoft Educator Community - You must be a member of the community.  Join with your O365 or Microsoft account.  Explore the orange tab on the left titled Courses and Resources.

Texas Gateway - Sign up for an account.  When you log in, click on Gateway Courses. 

Imagine Learning University - If you use Imagine Learning products in your classroom, sign up for an account.  Watch the courses about the program and earn certificates. 

EdWeb.net - Join the community.  Log in with your account and sign up for live webinars or watch the archived webinars.  The list of topics is vast - variety of subjects, grades, and content. 

Add Certificate to Eduphoria

Please watch this video for directions on how to add your course to Eduphoria for credit.  Be sure you request the appropriate credit hours. 

Trade out hours will be approved by campus administration.

GT hours will be approved by district personnel. 


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