MISD Aligned Curriculum

Welcome to MISD's Aligned Curriculum (MAC).

We believe in our children's futures and center our curriculum, from foundational philosophy to daily lesson planning, around our dedication to providing the most powerful learning experiences for our kids. MISD learners will build the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be accomplished citizens and lifelong learners.   MISD Teaching Spectrum

A Montgomery ISD learner is:
  • a critical, innovative thinker.
  • an effective communicator and collaborator.
  • motivated, confident, and resilient.
  • a responsible person and engaged citizen.
  • a globally competent person.
  • academically prepared for college and career.   

English Language Arts with Integrated Social Studies Overview

We believe...

    ...a successful language arts student has ample opportunities to actively engage in authentic listening, speaking, writing, and thinking tasks for a variety of purposes, including problem solving.  Teachers weave social studies content into the ELA class to provide powerful and deep learning across content. Classrooms are text-rich, supportive environments that facilitate both independent and collaborative efforts within and beyond the classroom.

Balanced Literacy Overview        Gradual Release of Responsibility

Mathematics Overview

We believe...

...mathematics prepares students to use patterns and relationships to connect mathematical concepts and their application to the real world.  Daily instruction is balanced through building computational skills, mental math, reasoning and problem solving, and conceptual understanding. Using effective and efficient strategies, students will be able to make decisions, select tools, solve problems, and communicate their understanding of mathematical concepts within and beyond the classroom.

Balanced Math Overview           Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Overview

Science Overview

We believe...

...students build a meaningful relationship between science and everyday life by consistently being actively engaged in inquiry-based, hands-on activities and problem solving tasks. Through a balance of content, process skills, problem solving and practical application, students will use a variety of resources to foster their natural curiosity of the world around them. Our learners will act, think, and communicate like scientists as they make meaning by observing, questioning, investigating, measuring, experimenting, analyzing, and thinking critically within and beyond the classroom .

Science Notebook Overview