Student Services
Response to Intervention (RtI) and Differentiated Instruction

Response to Intervention (RtI) has changed the way schools address the needs of their students. All students are considered to be general education students and all receive Tier I Differentiated Instruction in the general education classrooms. RtI is designed to provide high quality, research-based instruction that is tailored to students’ individual needs who are struggling in the areas of Language Arts, Math, and/or Behavior. Students are given additional support at the earliest sign they are struggling. The prescribed interventions are then provided with consistency and fidelity for a set number of times each week and for a pre-established time period. Data are gathered to document student progress throughout the intervention period. At the end of the intervention period, the campus RtI Team convenes to determine whether or not the student made the progress that had been projected. Guided by the resulting data, the RtI Team will follow a flow chart that will lead them to the next step on a continuum that was designed to support and scaffold children to both academic and behavioral success. The data is monitored through the campus RtI Coordinator.